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Fogging + Spraying + Mopping


In our covid package/deep disinfection package, we carry out 3 steps:-

1. Aerial disinfection: Fogging of the premise with a fogger machine (Covers all areas – Walls, ceiling, floors, equipment, etc.)
2. Surface disinfection: Floors and hard surfaces get mopped with another disinfectant (Floors, tables, platforms, hard surfaces.)
3. High-touch spot disinfection: High-touch frequency spots get sprayed with another long-lasting disinfectant and then wiped off. (Tables, Chairs, remote controls, laptops, switches, drawers, toilet seats, desks, etc.)

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When is this service recommended: In case of active infection on the premise. Helps against all deadly infections like – Covid 19, Dengue, Malaria, Chicken Gunia, Swine flu, etc.

Area size

Up to 400 sq. ft, 400 to 800 sq. ft, 800 – 1200 sq ft, 1200 – 1600 sq ft, 1600 – 2000 sq ft


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