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Commercial Cleaning – Standard


Usually empty / Less dirty premise

• Deep cleaning Common areas, pantry, kitchens, bathrooms, cabins/chambers, etc
• Floor mopping and scrubbing at dark spots/stains.
• Dry and a wet dusting of all areas, cabinets, drawers, platform, fixtures, etc.
• Degreasing oily spots / black stains/ sticky areas
• Drydusting wall and ceiling: Cobweb removal, ceiling, wall dusting
• Ceiling fan cleaning
• Appliance clean externally (AC, TV, Fridge, Microwave, etc.)
• Door, handles, knobs, taps deep cleaned
• Wash glass panes/windows/mirrors
• Dry/wet dusting or vaccuuming of wardrobe externally

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Does not include:

• Removal of stuff and rearranging after cleaning
• Extra charges applicable

• Our staff will try to remove all stains
• Cannot provide 100% assurance for old/tough stains.

Area size

0-200 sq ft, 200-300 sq ft, 300-500 sq ft, 500-700 sq ft, 700-900 sq ft, 900-1200 sq ft, 1200-1500 sq ft, 1500-2000 sq ft


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