Aerial & Environment disinfection

It has a major part to play in preventing or controlling the spread of diseases and viruses. Our top-notch fogging machines suspend minute particles of our disinfectant in the air, these particles float there for a long time while sanitizing the air thoroughly and making it virus-free within 20 minutes.

Surface disinfection

It is done to inactivate pathogens on inmate surfaces. The harmful bacteria on the surfaces (floors, walls, table tops, beds, doors etc.) need to be disinfected or may result in the spread of various infections. Our QAC based disinfectants and expert disinfection techniques make these surfaces bacteria free within 5 minutes.

High-touch spot disinfection

Spots like door handles, switches, toilet seats, faucets, etc. have the most bacteria & spread most infections due to multiple users touching them. Our instant disinfectants deeply sanitize these spots and make them bacteria-free for a long time within seconds.