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From floor to ceiling, taking you and everything around you to a new level of hygiene! Shieldit started in 2019 when the nation was in a dire need of infection prevention and superior hygiene. We have always believed in educating the masses by informing them about how to take precautions against on-going infections and follow hygiene protocols.

Shieldit’s mission is to help answer every critical need relating to infection-control, disinfection, sanitization and cleanliness by offering top-grade hygiene services. As infection control and hygiene experts, it is our moral duty to offer our expertise to every individual!

By offering a varied range of services we are eventually getting closer to make the nation a healthy, safe and clean environment to live in.

Shieldit’s entire team is highly skilled and dedicated towards making the surrounding around you safe and hygienic.

Our services are here to help you remain safe by making you and everything around you clean and infection, virus and bacteria-free and hence give you peace of mind. Our vision is to provide a shield of safety by providing a range of hygiene solutions for you and every area surrounding you.